How We Started

The Ray of Light Fund provides financial assistance and support to qualified LGBT individuals who need and want the services of a professional and experienced psychotherapist. Candidates for therapy lack sufficient medical coverage or financial resources to cover the cost of the necessary treatment.

In his late 30′s, Jeff Wolk hit a wall in his own life, which was later referred to as “Agitated Depression” by a psychiatrist who treated him.  During a short period of time, a series of events unfolded that were so severely devastating that he began a downward spiral in which he could no longer function in his day to day life.  Accessible mental health assistance was essential to his recovery.  Now, several years later, he lives a healthy, fulfilling life and has learned how to manage his depression and anxiety, something he could never have done without the skillful assistance of a licensed professional psychotherapist.

Over the years he discovered that his crisis was not unusual for an LGBT adult living in a large urban environment.  Anxiety and depression are very common and, although not everyone can be assisted by psychotherapy, many people can significantly improve their circumstances with proper professional psychotherapy and/or counseling.

His life-changing experience led Jeff to create The Ray of Light Fund. Our organization helps provide the financial resources to obtain psychotherapy for those needing professional mental health care.