Our Mission

The Ray of Light Fund helps LGBT adults over the age of 26 suffering from anxiety and depression; who are in psychotherapy, with a licensed psychotherapist, psychiatrist or credentialed counselor; and motivated find bride review for treatment but who may lack sufficient financial resources or be un- or underinsured to cover the cost of treatment.

The Ray of Light Fund provides a financial supplement of $100 per individual session and/or $50 per group session to participating mental health practitioners in order to financially assist clients who meet eligibility and who are also making some contribution of their own towards the cost of their care.  These supplemental funds will be approved by the Ray of Light Fund Advisory Committee in, at a maximum, six (6) month increments.

The Ray of Light Fund strongly believes that appropriate therapeutic interventions are crucial in one’s recovery from depression and anxiety and an inability to pay for those services should not prevent people from achieving recovery and their fullest potential.

Affordable behavioral health is getting harder and harder to come help me with my english homework by even for employed professionals. Many people who have medical coverage often have to battle the insurance carrier for assistance beyond the limited mental health benefits.

Our goals are simple:

  • Eliminate or significantly reduce the financial burden of each candidate’s mental health care.
  • Enable candidates through therapy to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.